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Funky to Fabulous - Food you hated you can't live without

I disliked a lot of foods growing up.  I was a pretty picky eater.  Even when I first became a vegetarian/vegan, I was still really picky (a junk-food-a-tarian I guess you'd call it).  I think I sustained myself on pizza, mac n' cheese, and veggie burgers while in college.  40lbs, many illnesses, and 10 years later, my tastes have SURE changed. 

What are some things you used to cringe at that now you can't live without. 

Two for me - Onions (the smell of onions and garlic sauteing in a pot - HEAVEN!) and beans (primarily black, but, truthfully, I would rinse, drain, and throw any can of beans into a dish now.

Also, until I was decent at cooking tofu, I definitely stayed away. 

And although I've tried my darndest, I still detest olives.  Yuk!

Then flat-leaved parsley would be for me. I can't stand cilantro. Bleh.

Haha. Nice!


Put me in the "not huge on cilantro" category...sometimes it tastes like soap to me. 

Ooo...let me see
as a kid I hated:
winter squash-all kinds, now I am a squash JUNKIE
brussels sprouts (what was I thinking?!)
beans-I still don't like the huge red kidney beans, but any and all other beans  ;)b  chick peas/ceci/garbanzo beans were never a problem because they were a staple food at my nona's house
turnips & rutabagas, which I still despise.

I guess most of my food ish were meat-related!  :-D


Remember back there a page or so ago I said, "I will never eat another pancake?" I was incorrect. Maybe I will never eat another wheat pancake, but after trying and failing to make rice-flour flatbreads, I found this recipe:
and went smack out of my mind. ZOMG!! Those are goood. I used HH's homemade vanilla extract that's been sitting in my sideboard since about November. I love them! DH likes them too. I need to get the frying part down pat, but I think I can make a big batch and freeze them and then, like, drop them in the toaster or slide them into the microwave.

I also wanna see if I can spread them out thin and make crepes.


Asparagus!  I really disliked it growing up but it is easily one of my favorite foods now:)



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