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A happy thought about spring time

The last couple of days here in New England have been great, weather
wise. Warm and sunny and it really seems like spring. This is of
course great news for us vegetarians, as local produce is on the
way and will be around for 6 months. I am totally ready to eat some
locally grown stuff. The local stuff like califlower, leeks, tomatos,
cabbage, and corn always tastes better. And the stuff from the local
farm stands is a great bargain. (Of course, fiddleheads will be hear
soon.) I can sleep with the windows open and turn off the heating
system that dries out the air like crazy. Of course, it can always
snow around this time, but even if it does, it will melt very quickly.

I think all use vegetarians should pause and be happy about the change
of the seasons.

Thanks for the great message, Brad. It's uplifting and cheerful! I'm very happy that it's spring, and we've been having some pretty nice weather here in the midwest as well. Crocuses and daffodils are blooming! I'm anxious for our farmer's market as well. Can't wait to taste the first spring greens when they're ready.


Yes, springtime offers so much promise.  Here in New Zealand we are experiencing autumn.  Leaves are turning red and lie in an ever-deepening carpet under the trees.  My fig tree is covered in ripe fruit.  A vast assortment of avian diners visit daily.  Feasting, and sometimes squabbling.  As is often the case, this 2006 autumn season is unfurling admidst some glorious days.  

Enjoy your anticipation of summer and its accompanying fresh local produce BradTheVegan.


Hey Brad,

I feel just the same way! Here in Vancouver the weather has been great: raining some days, sunny others but warm nonetheless. I did a whole bunch of spring cleaning a couple of weeks ago and love how everything smells fresh and clean. I've been in a wicked happy mood lately!

Happy Spring!


Here in Florida where we had spring begin in October (hehehe) it's a tad different.  But I love the fall when my grapefruit and tangerine trees give my an abundance of organic fruit to go out in the back yard and pick. 

I love the winter when we get the first strawberry crop in the nation. 

It's practically summer here in Florida, air conditioner on, etc.  Those who have spring enjoy!


We had lovely weather this weekend! Actually got a few bushes trimmed & a bit of yard work done. Our crocuses are up too, but Booyah runs them over when we play ball.  ;) We are loving the Booyah dog. He is so much fun! It's been 2 years since we lost Zak so it's been great to have dog presence again.

I too am looking forward to the farmer's markets, especially tomatoes & corn, although that will be awhile. They also have beautiful fresh cut flowers.


I am sooo jealous of you guys!  We've had nothing but rain here in San Francisco for the past couple months and the weather report says there's no end in sight!  It's like we live in Seattle or something!  Ugh... I'll just daydream that I'm with you guys in the sunshine!


Okay, so today it was cool and rainy. Then at dusk, we had some snow (but it
melted as soon as it hit the ground).

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