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Help! I hate green peas!!

OK, so my husband is pretty thoroughly anti fruit and veg. Basically if it has roots and leaves, he doesn't want to know. The only veg he will eat besides potatoes are spinach, cauliflower, green beans and peas. And lettuce IF you cover it with eggs and tuna and cheese and grossness.
So anyway. For cauliflower, I have learned to do curried stuff. And he's good about spinach and beans. But peas--I don't like peas very much. Thank goodness you never find them canned here (sweet, sludgy and awful) but only frozen.
But what can I do with them? Yes, I've thrown them in curry (shoot, you can curry just about anything), but does anyone have another savoury option that will combat their natural sweet blandness?
I suppose I shouldn't say I "hate" peas, since I can eat them. But meh. They are just....meh.

Heat them up separately and mix them into his portion only?  Like a garnish.


Um...yeah...I'm looking for savoury recipes to help ME like green peas....?


Maybe this falls under curry, but have you tried putting them in samosas? I was even able to eat the nasty canned ones that way...

I am a big fan of peas in baked pasta dishes. I have a (not vegan) recipe for baked ziti where peas basically take the place of the meat... I'm sure could be vegan-fied with a little imagination. Kind of similar to the samosa idea in that you wrap them up in lots of flavor AND textures.

I like them in at the very end of soups... Not overcooking is key.

If frozen, you could always save your portion to use as ice packs :p


I was about to say pasta, I see caroleena beat me to it. I like peas in baked pastas, in cassaroles, and in mac and cheese.
Not a huge fan either though.


I second the idea of peas in Indian food. There's good recipes for matar tofu and matar kachori in Indian Vegan Kitchen, if you're interested, yg.


There is a recipe in Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen for conchiglie with peas and black eyed beans which is a simple recipe where the peas and black eyed beans are cooked with olive oil and garlic and then veggie broth before being added to the mostly cooked pasta which is then liberally sprinkled with finely chopped basil.  My children enjoy that very much and the basil takes the edge off the peas.

They also enjoy peas and pasta with just a bit of plain butter or earth balance and a sprinkle of hemp seeds.  I add the frozen peas to the cooking pasta at the end of the cooking time with maybe a minute or two to go. Then the peas and the pasta get drained together.  The key is to cook the peas but not overcook them and use PETITE green peas if you can find them.  The larger ones are mealy and tough and we do not like them as much.


I don't like green peas much either to be honest.. the trick is to buy those tiny green peas (petit pois). They are much more sweet.

These are 2 recipes that I liked with them:
Finnish Double Pea Soup with Apples: It sounds so unusual but real quite nice combination of flavours:
Baked Malai Koftas: The peas are used as a binder so you can't even tell they are there:

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