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homemade tofurkey

I have a question.  Once I made a tofurkey recipe from this site, that calls for like 5 blocks of tofu.  Well, it didn't come out well, didn't taste great and it literally fell apart. 

Then over Christmas I bought one of those stuffed vegan Tofurkey's that you get frozen at Whole Foods.  It was GREAT!  The texture of it was very much like meat, and it was a hit. 

Now, to me, the Tofurkey I bought seemed to me to be made out of wheat gluten rather then tofu.  Is this right, because it seemed to have a texture like seitan, and I love seitan.

Now I want to try it again and make my son and I a special valentines day dinner, but since there are no Whole Foods around here, I have to make it myself.  I just looked for a recipe for tofurkey but they are all made with tofu, rather then wheat gluten.

Are there any recipes to make a tofurkey exactly like the frozen tofurkeys you can buy at Whole Foods?  I really don't want to try the tofu tofurkey again, I really did  not care for it at all.


I'd go with something like this ->

(It's not specified, but I'd use a 12-ounce package of tofu.)

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