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how to eat vegetarian, from the Food Network

It's probably just me...I'm getting old and crabby.

I found the "Note" toward the bottom of this page grating. It seems to suggest that a vegetarian can't be trusted to make wise eating choices. A Twinkie-eating, Big Mac noshing, Diet Coke swilling omnivore must be a different story. No need for a dietician there!,2661,FOOD_21216,00.html

AAHH.. Food-Network, Shmood-Shmetwork...they have some good ideas that could be veganized, but GEEZ...they are SOOO MEAT centered!!!  I never really noticed it until I went vegan. Last week Emeril did a Vegetarian episode....(yeah, yeah, hehehe!)so laden with cheese and other dairy he should have just thrown in the side of cow and dead chicken carcass that he normally does! Hah!


In response to the Emeril episode, Emerl's food is always full of fat and grease.  ::)

"Everyday Italian" has some veggie friendly foods from time to time.
I checked out Rachel Ray's veggie cookbook from my library and it was weak in my opinion. Not very creative.  Many pasta dishes and soup.


Well, considering there is page after page after page of advice for the ominivore on how to eat healthy, one little snippet doesn't bother me.  I've read some "what have you eaten today" threads by veg*ns that make me cringe when I read them.  "I had a Luna Bar, some pasta and oatmeal", thinking that just because they left out animal products and fat they are healthy.

Flame me, I can take it.  LOL


I'm with you Twenty.

I despise it when some kid tells me what they eat as a vegan (Fritoes, Coke, Luna Bar... high sodium, high fat content snacks and drinks). Then again, when I was 20, I ate nothing but crap as well, so I can't knock them but so much for growing into a healthier life...

I also don't mind the Food Network footnote. A much higher percentage of the population has consumed meat and dairy products for their entire lives. So they could use some guidance when it comes to switching diets.

Howe'ver, I don't think you have to have a nutritionist to do so, and I'm wondering if the nutritionist Web Site they suggest is nothing but a paid promo... who knows?



Does anyone else keep accidently reading this title as "how to eat a vegetarian"?

It reminds me of those Simpsons / Twilight Zone episodes; "How to cook (for) humans".


or "save a cow eat a vegetarian" bumper stickers

Maybe that's what Food Network was subliminally trying to suggest all along?!

A sad, sad state of affairs.


This doesn't surprise me from the meat (dead) heavy Food Network.  They need some veggie chefs and shows!

Every time I turn it on you have Rachael Ray frying pork in 3 sticks of butter -- which she says is "healthful".  Unfortunately, most people will probably believe her.... sad as that is.  :-\


I have always been irritated when I read in a magazine or somewhere that "vegetarians need to be so careful..."  because it seemed to me that they think ONLY the vegetarians have to make a special effort to be healthy - like it is an over-the-top sacrifice or something .  What they often leave out is EVERYONE should be eating healthy and perhaps if more people went to nutritionists or actually used some of the advice they hear about how to be healthier they could all benefit. 

If an average-Joe tried to go veggie and they knew next to nothing about healthy eating (ex. my family) I would hope they would talk to someone so they wouldn't just live on eggs, cheese or pasta or whatever they think is vegetarian food.  Maybe in some ways it is a good idea to mention that so people might look into all the various options we veg-foodies really have.  But I think by saying that it makes it look like it is impossible because one needs prefessional help in order to be a veg*n.
Ughh!  It is amusing that people can't recall any foods that ever graced their plates that wasn't meat - they must consider everything else to be just the garnish - "and who eats the garnish?" they say.
Me, that's who!
Slightly off topic:
I take relish in the fact that my young nephew of my meat-loving BIL hates meat and they can't hardly get him to eat any.  Sadly, after time passes he will probably eat it because they do and there doesn't seem to be any other options for him to learn about in his daily life and he is likely to copy his older brother who eats meat. (too bad he lives two states away or I would provide more frequent examples of non-meat options.  I do whenever I eat in their vicinity and perhaps someday the parents will have to explain why I don't eat meat to him and maybe - maybe the kid will see the alternative and rebell.

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