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I accidently froze veganaise... now what?

It's a long story about how my Veganaise got accidently frozen, but it did...  After a google search, I found that because it's an emulsion, the emulsion will break down.  That probably means that I'll end up with an oily mess when it thaws?  Has this happened to any of you? Is it salvagable -- can I whir it in a food processor and re-emulsify it?

One time my fridge decided to get a little too cold and my Vegenaise froze. I didn't try to salvage what was left, but it was discolored and chunky looking. It tasted fine, but the texture/color was really off. I think I used it in some baked goods or a sauce or something, but ended up throwing the rest out.


Sure, go ahead and put it in the food processor.  It will probably turn awfully runny, though.  I can't think of what you could do to re-thicken it.  But, you know, I'm sure it'll taste fine.


I'd try to whip it again and add some ground flax or other emulsifier to salvage it. Even if it doesn't work, maybe you could use the rest of the jar for making dressings (that are going to be blended anyway), so that the initial texture doesn't matter as much.

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