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I need a little help/advice regarding Mori-Nu tofu!

Hey folks.  So, recently I accidentally bought FIRM Mori-Nu tofu instead of SOFT off  So now I have a dozen boxes of firm tofu...


I'm wondering, do you guys think the firm would be too firm to use in vegan ice cream (I use variations of the Veganomicon recipe)?  That is mainly why I bought the tofu.  If it is not a good idea to use it in my ice cream, do you have other suggestions for using firm Mori-Nu tofu?  Recipes, like, never use firm, they always use smooth or extra-firm.


Thank you for your time!

I don't know the recipe you're referring to, but I would think it would be OK if you pureed it. I guess you could try it out with one box and if it doesn't work, come up with other uses for the rest. For example:
I use it in pumpkin pie. I use the recipe on the Libby's pumpkin can and substitute 1 box of pureed firm Mori Nu and a couple tablespoons of cornstarch for the eggs and milk.
It's also the basis for some "sour cream" recipes:


I typed "Mori Nu" into Vegweb's search engine and came up with a big bunch of recipes using their firm tofu. You could try the yogurt or sourcream or pies or...


Mori-nu has a great site with lots of recipe suggestions. Also, Akasha Richmond's "Art of Tofu" published more than ten years ago was based entirely on using Mori-Nu. If you want to use it in a dish without pureeing it--such as cubed or in cutlets--you should use the freeze/defrost method and slice it or cube it and freeze, then defrost and cook. You can also puree it and use it in choc chip cookies. Check ou the mori-nu site.

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