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Meat analogues *without* sugars/refined grain/dairy

Hello, All!  I'm a looooong time veg and used to be a frequent poster many, many, yrs ago.  The site has changed so much since way back when.

I find myself coming around to ask this question: do you know of any fake meat alternatives that have no sugars (sugar, corn syrup, malt extract, et c), refined grains (white flour, et c), or dairy (milk, whey, et c)? 

I'd appreciate assistance.  My daughter is starting to want some hamburger, ckn nugget type stuff.  For a long time this wasn't at all important to her but lately . . . anyway, all help very much appreciated!

The best way is to make bean burgers, seitan etc at home. That way you know exactly what's in it. There are recipes on VW for just about all the "analogs" out there.
If you make your own seitan, I recommend you add the flavourings (or some of them) to the gluten dough itself, not just the cooking water. The gluten we get here in Spain doesn't absorb water flavouring worth a darn.

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