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Meat substitute

Hi, I am trying to incorporate more vegetarian recipes, with an eye toward becoming less of a carnivore.  What are some good meat substitutes?  I don't like tofu.  Thanks for any advice.

Hey there. If you browse this forum you will see a lot of entries about favorite meat substitutes. You can also check out "lovin the loot" which also discusses different products.


i've been also looking or searching of meat substitute since i observed lately that constantly eating meat makes me more moves slowly and becomes more heavier. in fact, when we eat meal or food with meat, we make sure that we really mixed or includes some green leafy vegetables.

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hello nittany89. why not try also those powder seasoning or some well-known and great sauce specially the spicy one. i'm sure many will love it. i guess that the smell itself once cooked will make one craving for your dish. good luck.

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