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New ideas for greens!! PLEASE!

I am part of a community homestead group.  So I pay my money, and get weekly deliveries of fresh organic veggies.  I very much LOVE this program and the great food I get.  One problem..... I have gotten like 3 gallon's of mixed greens every week.  I am sooooo tired of salads and veggie wraps! Last week my greens went bad before I could finish them.... right now I still have a gallon size bag left and it's getting old.  Does anyone have any great new ideas for a bunch of mixed greens that I can try.  It's like the typical mixed lettuces, spinach, etc.  P.S.  My friends are already part of the homestead so giving them away isn't going to happen.  They give me all of thier leftovers as it is. lol.

Thanks soooooo much in advance for any ideas.


Oh, and just to be a little more specific, here's what the mix consists of.... Lettuce Mix- tat soi, baby lettuce, arugula, mezuna, mustard,
baby kale baby beet tops.


I dont know if you have access to a high speed blender or one that blends greens, but I use one a lot to blend up my greens (lettuce, kale, collards etc).  I throw in mango or berries or whatever else I desire and lots of greens for a healthy breakfast smoothie.  I have also done a fresh tomato/spinach/mango combination for a nice cold soup/veggie juice. 

Sometimes for breakfast I will saute some tempeh and greens in lime juice and tamari and sprinkle ginger powder or use fresh gingerroot.  I round it out with toast on the side. 

I use lightly steamed greens in pastas and cooked whole grains like bulgur, quinoa, amaranth etc. along with other veggies and sauces.  Or you can add the greens as a topping to your own pizza.

Hope this helps!


Soup!! Chop a little onion and garlic, saute them in olive oil, add your chopped greens. When wilted a bit, cover with "milk" or broth and cook to tender. Blitz with an immersion blender. Season to taste. I love Herbamare for this. Good hot or chilled.


get a juicer! mustard greens are gross as hell in juice imho though... the beets and kale you could add to strifrys, rice dishes...



But a better idea- sautee them with some olive oil, garlic and beans. I also like to throw greens into pasta sauce, especially arugula and kale.


Add them to dahl/dal. Best use evarrrr. Make like Delicious Pakistani Dahl or another recipe from here, and add them toward the end of cooking. Yumbles.


Thaks everyone for the great ideas!! 

naturebound... YUM.  I never think of those things until someone reminds  I'm thinking smoothie tomorrow morning!!  Thank you!

And now I have a dinner menu for the rest of the week!! 

Thanks all!! :)


I thought I heard greens are good with olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

And the second suggestion is maybe with a mustard dressing.

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