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NEW VEGAN! in a meat eating community!!!

Hello Everyone, mname is Brittiany, i just (yesterday), started my life as a vegan. i wrnt to wal mart & bought things that i saw my oldest son eat (hes vegan also), so i got Boca burgers, veggie dogs, veggie cheese, & soy milk, & vegan butter. My problem is i live in a little town call Hickory Kentucky,, guess what they grow here? cows, & tobacco. its aVERY small town, & i find it hard to get a lot of things i need. Im also finding it very hard to cook two meals, there are 7 of us in my household, & only ONE of us are vegan,(me). Also can anyone suggest a good vegan friendly wine? we have a local winery, i can call and ask them, but they are local so i doubt it is, so can anyone suggest a wine to me?


Hi there, Brittany! Welcome to veganism. I mean that in a positive way, just though about how that statement could come across somewhat snarky.. Well, I'd like to help you out, I live in Kentucky as well and although I may not be vegan myself I do enjoy hunting for healthy vegetable based recipes and alternative foods, I have found that there are some good sites that may help you out as,, and some nice blogs by vegan foodies a number one pick for you may be ( ) this guy writes about quick and yummy vegan friendly foods, veganyumyum is a blog by a lady who shares tasty vegan recipes ( ), and kimmikillzombie's blog ( ) she not only features recipes but also has pretty good info on vegan friendly hair and make up stuff! She's also quite thrifty. I wish you well on your quest through veganism, and hope that what little information I've given you helps you out along said quest. Sorry I can't help out with the win bit, but hopefully one of those sites can help.

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