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New to Vegetarianism...question re:milk

Hi I am new to the whole vegetarian lifestyle...we are actually aiming to be vegan.

I have a DS who is nearly 2 and from today he is off cow's milk. The funny thing is that he has never liked any dairy product (except ice-cream - which s more sugar than dairy ::)) he has been 'funny' with cow's milk - I so with I didn't wean him at 19mos...

Anyway what is the best substitute for him, for cereal, and night time milk? Any ideas how to change him over?

Glad I found this website, there looks like enough recipes to get me started :D


There's many types of alternative "milk" products out there, including soy milk, rice milk, oat milk, almond milk, and many more. Plus they come in flavours like plain, sweetened, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, malt, cappuchino, etc...A lot of variety exists out there, but I don't know what you'll be able to find where you live. If you can't find much in your local grocery store, check out health food stores and Asian stores as well.

So be sure to sample different alternative milks if you can :) There is even a bit of variation in flavour and texture from brand to brand (my favourite brand of chocolate soymilk is So Good!)

Just be sure to check the labels to make sure you have a fortified beverage. it's possible to get alternative milk with b vitamins and other good stuff added to it :)

I strongly reccomend that you do as much reading as possible about nutrition for vegan children. Using I was able to find a few links for you to start with:

Well, that's what I managed to find for starters but I assure you there's lots more info out there. Cheers!


Hello, welcome,

My 21 month old boys drink rice milk (Rice Dream Enriched and/or Ryza brand by the same folks who make SoNice)... they get 1 cup first thing in the morning and 1 cup right before bed... they also take rice milk on their cereal.  I was giving them soy, but switched to rice. I figured they were getting enough (maybe too much) soy in the form of soy yogurt (Nancy's unsweetened is good, less sugar than other brands) and tofu.


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