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No sugar, no flour recipes

  I was wondering if there are some good recipes without sugar or flour?  I am a compulive overeater and I want to find recipes without those two ingredients.  From what I am learning sugar and flour trigger binge eating in food addicts which is the last thing I need.  Any suggestions?

I was looking for the same thing and found a great recipe that I now use all the time.  It is 3 ingredient cookies.  I love cookies.  This one simply uses egg white to hold whatever together.  I make it with oats, some  sort of dried fruit (I like dried cherries) and you can add anything you want.  To sweaten it you can use honey.  You just bake them at 350 degrees until done.  


There is definitely so many of these great recipes on this site. So many to choose from here. Just do a search on the site and it will pay off here. SO much good eating here.

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