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On the back of my elbow noodles it reads "0.5 cups dry" as being equivalent to one serving.  I know that noodles expand when being boiled, so does this "half of cup dry" mean, a half of cup of cooked noodles or a half of cup of noodles out of the package?  If anyone knows I'd be very appreciative!


It means, measure 1/2 c. of dried noodle, cook them, and then there's your serving. Your half cup of dried noodles will become 3/4 or 1 cup of noodles once they're cooked. Another way to figure this out is figure out how many servings in a package (8?), divide it into 8 equal portions, and then there's your portion size. And then cook it. Dried noodles are awful.  ;)

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