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Nutritional Yeast

Being a European veggie I encounter this ingredient in a great deal of US recipes but have no clue what it is!! Can anyone shed light on it? British veggies would it be Marmite? If anyone knows where you can buy it in the UK or the Netherlands I'd be terribly grateful Laughing

I understand it is usually sold in the UK under the brand name Engavita. Here's one example:

It's basically a vitamin-filled concoction that's great for making stuff "cheesy." Here's more about what it is:


I'm not from the UK but we have a UK section in the store here (lots of British tourists) and I get Marmite and it definitely is absolutely not the same. Nutritional yeast or as we call it "nooch" is sold in health food stores here...people like it for the B vitamins (something it has in common with Marmite) and protein.


Thank you very much Tweety and mj! I'll try going to my local health food shop to look for it. Have a great day!


Gmorrison, check too. "Brewer's yeast" is not the same as nooch, it smells strongly of beer which nooch does not.

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