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Organic Questions

ok, so i buy organic as much as/whenever possible and read all labels meticulously and i know that some products labeled organic are only partially organic (some labels even say 70% or whatever) i guess my question is two fold, first what's the difference between USDA certified organic and QAI certified organic... is one better than the other and why do some products have both? also, is all organic created equal? or are there grades of organic? the reason i ask is that a local grocery chain (the really convenient one on the corner as opposed to WF that requires a ride into the congested part of the city) started carrying a "house brand" of organic food (some of it is 100% organic, some is degrees of organic) that is priced pretty cheap/equivalent to non-organic products and much less than WF prices. so are these cheaper organic foods just as good as other organic foods?

anyone have any research/ideas/theories on this? I'll do some snooping too, just wanted to check in here.




anything that's 100% organic can't have artificial colorings, flavorings, hydrogenation, preservatives (that aren't naturally occuring, like vitamin e or c or a few other things). this differs from products that just contain some organic ingredients & are not certified. lots of companies put some organic ingredients in in hopes to compete i guess but you'll still find loads of preservatives & colors and nasty stuff in most of them. if you an find stuff w/out all the additives that's only partially organic go for it. i work at an alternative grocery store so i usually try to buy all organic whenever possible because the discount makes it essentially the same as "regular" (i still wonder why they call it that hehe) food. i guess long story short always read labeks

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