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Pearson Candy Company "Peppermint Patties"

The Pearson equivalent of peppermint patties have always been vegan.  What a great treat!  The last bag I got had the old ingredients on the bag.  But the patties inside indicated that they now have butter oil.  I checked with the company, and they do indeed now contain dairy.

If you'd like the old patties back, please let Pearson know!!

A guy at work brings in a big Costco container of them. They have always had butteroil since he's been bringing them in -- about a year now. I didn't realize they had been vegan at one time.

I will definitely write. I cried the day I found out Jr. Mints had gelatin in them.


There's a candy store near my old campus, and since as far back as I started going to that store, I remember the pearson patties always had butteroil.  i remember being really annoyed that that was the only thing making them non-vegan.  This is at the very least since 3 years ago.  I wonder how you managed to get them without it so recently.  Is it possible they sell two different ones?  unlikely, but i don't know how else to explain this contradiction.  If they become vegan (again??), that'd be awesome, i love peppermint patties.  I miss Jr. mints, too.  What makes me so sad is that I really don't see the use of the non-vegan ingredient at all.  I mean BUTTEROIL?  Why???  It's never in any other candy, but it's in this otherwise vegan candy.  Grrrr.


The email I received said that the change to butter oil was recent, so recent in fact that they have just finishe'd using up the plastic outer bags that don't have butter oil listed in the ingredients.  I buy a bag each week to put in our candy jar at work.  I don't know if they manufacture them in different facilities and some started on that earlier than others?

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