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Potato Gravy and other 'Mistakes'

Yesterday, I accidentally made potato gravy
My brother was using my computer, and I really wanted to make some gnocchi, so I started making it by eyeballing the ingredients, and just for funsies I added in some gluten to make them more stretchy. The gnocchi turned out delicious, but not as firm as usual. Then, an amazing thing happened when they cooled on the counter (and a fair bit of mashing by me :P I just can't help myself), it kind of melted into each other and turned in to a gravy. A delicious, thick gravy. It tasted a lot like biscuits and gravy gravy. I'm hoping that I eventually can repeat my 'mistake'. I was super stoked when I did this. XD
What are your favorite 'mistake' foods that you have made?

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