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Potato , onion , and fresh rosemary pizza

Hey All ,

 First try at posting a pic of some food here , new to it here , and finding  I have to do a lot of self help . Found there was not an option at this stage of posting a pic , looks like if I post text , and then post a reply , I am given that option . Any tips would be great . Tried this before , and found I could not post a pic of my pizza , which , as the subject line says , potato , onion , fresh rosemary with E.V.O . Not really into spending the time making it a recipe , but willing to answer questions .

So , that failed ...frustrating . Is there an upload option I am missing ?


This sounds did you make the crust and did you bake at 400f? :0)


Hey Bonjour ,

 Nice to get a reply here , few and far between , sadly . I make the dough using the no knead method , it works very well , and I make enough for four pizzas at a time , use one , and freeze the rest .  When I bake my pizza , I use a stone in a 450 F oven , makes for a nice , crispy crust .


I think it is very difficult to bake pizza, especially the delicious pizza.

So you are pretty brilliant.



I have not posted a pic on here for a long time, but I have been having problems posting at all lately.  I finally figured out that if I go on the internet under a different search engine I can see and do a lot more on here.  I was using Google but switched to Firefox and have been able to do a lot more.  Maybe you could try that?  I would love to see your recipe also!  And welcome!


Thanks Naturebound . Already switched to Firefox a while ago . I will keep trying .

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