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Raw Buckwheat

Does anyone know what to do with/ how to cook raw buckwheat kernels?  I bought some and it looks great in the packet,  and I know it is a complete protein,  but I just don't know what to do with it - do I roast?  do I cook in water like rice?  I would be so appreciative of any sugestions!

Also,  is there anything in particular that it goes exceptionally with?

Thank you!!!

I've never had buckwheat before but did a quick google search and came across several websites:

Look under the subheading "how to enjoy."  There are also several ideas there for how to use buckwheat.

This website (and several others) suggests steaming:

I think I might like it as a breakfast cereal, in a soup, or in a grain salad.

Good luck,


greetings sydney.vegan.  welcome.

try entering buckwheat into the vegweb search engine - look near the top of the page at the left.  there are a handful of recipes there.  another name for buckwheat groats is kasha.  happy hunting!

Adagio (NZ)


If they are whole, uncracked kernels you can cook them just like rice. If cracked (groats), a trad recipe says you blend with beaten egg (or egg replacer), and dry-fry. BUT I have found you can just dry-roast the cracked kind in a Silverstone pan or similar. Then sauté a little onion, add to the Kasha and cook with water...again like rice. Google Wolff's Kasha and you'll find all sorts of recipes. No affiliation, but I did this websearch thing a couple of yrs back...


Thanks for all your help guys.  I will try them this weekend and let you know how I go. 

Even though I have been vegan for 11 years I am still trying new things all the time - don't you hate it when people can't comprehend what we eat!?!  There's a whole natural world out there for us to discover - one grain/seed at a time.

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