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Re: Help me fix my gross pasta dish!

you could take out the big offenders (veggies, whatever).

usually when i'm in doubt i cover it in red pasta sauce.

Try having some wine with the pasta. You may not notice how gross
the pasta became.


You might try baking it in the oven to reheat it.  That might crisp up the noodles a bit.  Spread it out somewhat thinly in a large casserole dish?

Cooking different pastas is a learning process.  My first batch of brown rice pasta was horribly overcooked!  I feel your pain.


I'd try the bake thing first. Add more spag sauce & bake. Otherwise, just toss it. If there's one thing I hate, it's a cooking failure taking up space in my fridge where GOOD food could be sitting!

If you salvage this dish & make the most wonderful something from it, you must share!


maybe try to take out the tempeh?  Sounds a little beyond repair, so I would follow Brad's advice, and drink a the rest of your wine with it! After all, WINE MAKES EVERYTHING FINE! ;D


I actually ruined a double batch of rice this week.  For some reason it did not cook in the correct time so I added more water and simmered longer.  Needless to say, its glue now.  I am throwing it out. hehe

For whole wheat pasta I leave it a bit more aldente than I prefer, so when I reheat it is not smush.  Also, try to liven up your sauce with sauted onions and fresh minced garlic.  Perhaps if you make the sauce powerfull enough then the pasta flavor will not overshadow it?  Take a bit of it soon as its 'done' on the stove, if the pasta is too much add more sauce then try to bake it.

Thats my advice! Good luck, the whole grain pastas have such a stronger flavor its a bit of a shock!


My only suggestion would be that if you are going to bake the dish you should undercook the pasta a little before adding to the casserole because it will cook some more in the oven.  That way hopefully you can avoid the over-cooked mushiness.

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