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regarding freezing tofu....

ive been a veg for a few years and got married to a non-veg about a year ago. the only problem is he wont eat tofu...(more for me)
my Q is: can i cut it into single-serving portions before freezing or will that somehow damage it?
and once ive prepared a dish, if i have tons left is it okay to freeze once prepared.


There's no problem quality wise with freezing tofu; the excess water will separate out and you will have a slightly denser texture, and it will appear yellowish when frozen but that goes when it thaws. There are a couple of other "freezing tofu" questions on this Q and A page, go back to earlier pages and you will see the discussion.
No problem freezing a prepared dish either except poss. water separation as noted above.
Good luck! and enjoy your tofu!

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