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How much rice do you eat at a time? Either white jasmine rice or brown rice. Actually any kind of rice I guess.

I eat a LOT of rice. There are two of us here and 5 kg (which is what, 12 lbs?) of jasmine rice lasts us about 9 weeks. Maybe 10. I've loved rice since I was a kid. One of my persistent memories is getting in trouble about age 8 for hokking my mother to serve it. I remember actually pinning a note to her pillow with the word "Rice?" on it. For some strange reason where I grew up, the only way most people ate rice was cold, with milk and cinnamon sugar. I never ate it that way until I was in my 40s (it's good, I just never considered it when I was younger). When we were served white rice at school lunch, there was always a bowl of cinnamon sugar out. I just ate it plain and everyone thought I was weird. I thought they were!
I eat less rice in the summer than in the winter when it's cold. In the winter with soup and curries and stuff I eat more.
I tried to get DH to eat brown rice but he doesn't like it.

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