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Rice Substitutes?

Are there any grains I could use instead of sticky rice for sushi, etcetera? Are there any others (preferably with more fiber/protein/general nutrition) that will stick together like that? I'm not too fussed about taste--I'm sure I can cope. I just want something that works.

have you tried, maybe, quinoa?



Maybe millet. It is not as sticky as sticky rice, but is a nice whole grain. Also,
consider adding gluten (maybe wheat gluten) to make a grain more sticky. (I not so
sure how this will taste, but I think it would be something I would at least try.)


Okay, so I had some amaranth on hand, and I decided it couldn't hurt to try it out. So I cooked it like rice, and lo and behold, it worked! It's a bit wetter/stickier than rice, but that made it easier to roll.

I'll try out other grains after I get the chance to go shopping. Right now I don't have much of anything on hand except bulghur. Hmm... that might be a nice experiment...

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