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Saint Patrick's Day

Does anyone have any good recipes for Saint Patrick's Day? I'm going to my husband's cousin's house for their traditional dinner, and want to bring something to share that would also help fill my tummy since there may not be too much there for me to eat. I was thinking a fruit platter laid out like a rainbow would be really cute, but won't really help fill me up too much

So funny you posted this today because I am in a bind too. My brother invited my family over for a St. Patrick's Day dinner and I almost said no.  Growing up our St. Patrick's Day meal was a big deal and it was always corned beef, cabbage, potatos and really good rye bread to make sandwiches. No Irish stew or Shepherd's pie or colcannon or pasties for us.

I just spent half an hour looking through all the recipes from the March issues of Vegetarian Times over the pst few years (on their website iin the advanced search function). None of the recipes sounded particularly exciting to me. St. Patrick's Day is sort of like Thanksgiving without all the fun side dishes.  A hunk o' meat.

I'm half on the verge of thinking screw it, what a great time to make those tamales I've been dying to make.  I don't know what I'll do. I just know I am NOT showing up without something very delicious for my family to eat. And my kids hate cabbage.


Think of all the dark-green veggies you like and see what you can come up with there. Like say a spinach soup or salad, or the Spanish Spinach and Chickpeas here:
Do what you want to do to make your meal good. You can always colour the tamales green, or something. That seems to be what a lot of people do: green beer, green cookies, even green bread.


I guess it's a bit late, but I made Irish potatoes! Very yummy dessert!


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