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Savory snacks for salon?

I'm looking for simple, savory snack ideas/recipes for the refreshment area of my salon.  I have sweet covered - cookies are always an easy staple, but savory things that don't spoil or cost a fortune (in money and time) to make? Any ideas?


a little more information:  There's no refridgeration in the refreshment area.  There is a refridgerator in the back so snacks could be stored there until ready to be set out and there is someone available to refresh the table.  Everything has to be 100% vegan, but no other restrictions.  These should be small, we're not serving lunch, just a quick snack for people spending a couple hours at the salon.

There are commercial granolas that are naturally vegan.  I believe Nature's Path makes some granola and other types of vegan friendly (and some gluten free vegan friendly) cold cereals that could be put in a bowl and eaten as finger food.  I have seen their cereals in mainstream grocery stores even.  I just looked up their site and they even have their own version of cheerios that is gluten free and vegan.  This would be an option.  One box of cold cereal eaten as finger food could probably feed twenty people.

Roasted pumpkin seeds with shell on (such as Good Sense brand) are very cheap and a good savory snack.  Raw cashews are another, though those might be a little bit expensive.  Salted sunflower seeds with shell on tend to be very cheap.

though not the healthiest, some brands of wheat thins are naturally vegan friendly.  

You could even have a bowl of peanut butter or sunflower butter out with some pre cut carrots, snap peas, celery, etc...veggies that keep well without refrigeration for a long time.  Peanut butter and sunflower butters do not need refrigeration either.  

Soy nuts are good.

Some of the more organic corn tortilla chips are vegan and can be served with commercial salsa.

Hope this helps!

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