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Seitan for beginners

I would like to try seitan.  I'm looking for some easy recipes and I need some tips on how to use it!  I have two children, so something kid-friendly would be a bonus!


Hi MisawaMama. You can purchase prepared seitan in broth or in packages in the refrigerator section.  I never do that any more, partly because these days we easily go through a pound and a half at one meal.  To make it yourself, there are two ways:  from scratch and using a short-cut method that starts with vital wheat gluten.  The from scratch method involves combining whole wheat flour with a little bit of white flour, kneading, and then rising the dough under hot and cold water until all the germ has washed away and you are left with the gluten protein.  The "shortcut" method involves starting with "vital wheat gluten" and adding liquid to make a dough.  In either case, once you have the ball of gluten it can be poached, boiled, steamed, fried or baked.  There are a lot of seitan recipes on thsi site, both for how to make it and what to do with it when you've made it. The also has a bunch of seitan recipes.

Usually when I am making straight-up seitan I boil it in broth. I like to use Better than Boullion vegetable boullion.

I never just wing it when making seitan--I always have a recipe.  If the ratio of liquid to gluten is not right it seems the texture is not right. The easiest way of making seitan is to bake it, but my family prefers the texture of boiled seitan.

One of my family's favorite ways to enjoy it is if i slice the cooked seitan into thin two-inch slices and marinate them in barbecue sauce, and then pan-fry them in a little bit of oil and add steamed broccoli and a good melty kind of cheese and serve over rice. I think I put the recipe on this site a while ago.

You should definitely not be afraid of making seitan and it adds a whole new dimension of meal possibilities.


Thanks so much for the help.  I'll try some this weekend!




seitan meatballs

seitan sausage

seitan chili


seitan stroganoff

vegan beef stew

broccoli and beef stir fry

seitan burgers

seitan roast beef sandwiches

buffalo wings

pulled seitan pork sandwiches

chicken flavored seitan

Seitan seafood

There's a few seitan recipes on here-



Does anybody know how (or if) i can purchase "Vital Wheat Gluten in the Philippines?



The last time I was in Curacao I was amazed at the selection of bob's red mill products there.  Not sure what is available in the Phillippines.  I know that arrowhead mills and bob's red mill both sell wheat gluten.  It can also be found in bakery supply catalogs but I have never bought it from there.

If you cannot find vital wheat gluten, you can still make your own seitan from scratch using a combination of whole wheat and white flour and then kneading it and rinsing it.  It is defnitely more work, but it is not horrible and not much harder than making a loaf of bread.

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