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Slow cooker??

Okay, I bought this really nice vegan cookbook, called "The simple little vegan slow cooker"which is a really nice little book. But when I got the book it dawned on me: What is a slow cooker? I thought the title meant it was slow food and not fast food.
So can anyone tell me what a slow cooker is? And can I use a normal pot instead? Please bare in mind, I'm from Europe (Denmark), so referring to American or English standards won't help  ;)

Thank you - Sisse  :)

I hope this helps. A slow cooker is an electric stew pot that has two settings, high and low. It is called a slow cooker because the time it takes to cook a meal is longer than if you were cooking on the stove. It also allows you to go about your day and not have to worry about constantly checking on your food. You can go to work, and when you return, you will have a nice meal waiting for you. This is the best way I can explain it. I hope that answers your question.  :D


A slow cooker is also called a "crockpot." It's an electric cooking unit with a glazed clay pot (crock) that fits inside and is covered with a lid, usually transparent glass. It looks rather like the electric rice-cookers you find in some Oriental markets. The idea is that it cooks very slowly over low heat, using about as much electricity as a regular lightbulb (not the saver kind, the filament kind). So a dish that would take an hour in the conventional oven will take maybe 5 to 8 hours in a slow cooker. The idea is that you can put all your ingredients in the pot and plug it in and just leave it all day or all night, it won't boil over, stick or burn, and when you get up in the morning, or get home from work, there's your meal ready and waiting.
Of course if you have any experience cooking, you can transpose the recipes to regular cooking methods. And if you don't have much experience, find someone who aunt, a cousin, a mom... ;)
You can buy "slow cookers" or "crockpots" on the Internet, a friend of mine brought me one to Spain from England. If your electricity is the same as England's (and it should be), you can get one from there on the Net. Just Google the words "slow cooker". Bear in mind tho there probably won't be a plug on the end of the flex, you'll have to go to the hardware shop and get one. Don't ask me why, but a lot of English appliances come without a plug!
They are a real boon sometimes when you're really busy and well worth having.
Hope this information helps!


going off on a slightly different tangent, i wonder if anyone has a tried and true slow cooker recipe they would like to post here. recipes using dried beans would be great, but i am open to any suggestions.  i have owned a crockpot for a year but i am still finding my way with it.
NB.  Please do not recommend recipes from cookbooks. I live in New Zealand and do not have any of the books often mentioned on this site.


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