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Smoked Tofu???

My brother is having a BBQ and I wanted to make a vegan alternative. I would like to smoke tofu, but I can't really find any recipes, etc. I think just putting it in the smoker with a marinade would end up with a slimy, squishy product. I want it to be appealing to meat-eaters, and I know the slimyness of tofu if prepared that way can be a turn-off... I was thinking about sauteeing the tofu first to make it a little crispy, but I'm concerned that would inhibit its capacity for absorption of the smokey flavor. Has anyone tried this before? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :)

It's much easier to smoke tempeh as it holds together nicely.  Aternatively, you can marinate tofu or tempeh, adding liquid smoke, then grilling ummmmmmm.  Same flavor, less fuss.


I'll give tempeh a try  :). I think I'm just going to throw a bunch of random veggies on the smoker, too. BBQs are such an ordeal here in TX and I want to participate!!


If you have an Asian market nearby you could look for pressed tofu, or pre-fried tofu. The pressed tofu doesn't have the same spongy texture that diy frozen then pressed tofu has. (If you've ever been to P.F. Chang's Bistro, it's what they use in the veggie lettuce wraps).

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