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So do we resubmit, or what?

I know we've lost about a month of posts due to the...whatever it was...that's been going on in the Webosphere.
Do we re-submit the recipes that have vanished?
I posted 2 that I made up and I'm really quite proud of, actually, which is why I ask.

Nobody seems to have an answer for this question, or even an opinion. Not even Laura. ?


Maybe Laura didn't see this? You might want to ask again in this thread (or e-mail her).

As for opinions, I think it is almost certainly possible to restore the missing posts, but I don't know when or if the people who have the necessary access privileges and technical knowledge will have the time to do so. Considering that the recipes are ones you are proud of, perhaps you should resubmit them for now and when/if the old copies reappear, try to remember to delete one of the copies.


Thanks for all your tech help, Kuzu! I have not heard anything definitive about being able to restore, but if you want to resubmit, we can definitely put them through, for now at least.




I too, submitted a question in this forum and it never appeared. Weird!

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