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soy milk makers

I've been looking around at various soymilk makers and wondering if any are worth their intimidating prices, and I have some questions.  Most importantly, how does the finishe'd product taste?  I like a soymilk that's somewhat thick with a taste that stands alone and doesn't need a lot of sweeteners to mask its flavor.  Think along the lines of Silk unsweetened.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I don't have a problem spending some money for a good one, I just don't have the money to find out what works by trial and error. 

Thanks a lot! 

good question-- my husband LOVES his soymilk, but the habit is getting expensive! i have also been contemplating the purchase of a soymilk maker, but want more info. i'd be glad for any input!


How does the soymilk maker work?


I bought a soy milk maker and when I tried it I hated the end result. I tried making soymilk a couple of times with organic soybeans as well as tried making rice milk.  Both turned out horribly.  The taste was just yuk, it had a weird consistency and a taste that didn't resemble any of the soymilks available for purchase in the stores.  I forget the brand of soymilk maker I bought but spent close to $100.  It was a total waste for me. 


My vitamix came with a recipe for soy milk.  I have not gotten up the courage to try it.  Someday I will! But for now I just make smoothies, margs and soy creams!


Ooh, what's a vitamix?  That sounds wonderful and fun!


veganannette...A Vitamix is a turbo-powered blender on steroids! It's awesome. I couldn't live without mine.

Cali, I never noticed the soymilk recipe in my book...thanks for mentioning it. Maybe I'll work up the courage to give it a try!


fakeveganannette: check out the vitamix here:

it looks great!                                                                                                                                                                 


did you add anything to the soymilk? most of the stuff on the market has a LOT of stuff added to change the taste/texture.

Yes, I followed a couple different recipes, none of them tasted right though. They just all tasted funny to me.


So what kind of beans does one use to make soy milk?  I know they're soybeans, but in what state?  Dried or fresh or frozen?  Do different soybean varieties produce different tasting "milks"?



i have had mine for over 5 years now and it has  paid for itself over and over and over and over again

the BEST investment i EVER made!!!--i LOVE my blender. i know its just an appliance n all but it kicks ass!!!(can i say that here?)

i actually did not  know about the recipe for soymilk either haha thanx for the update

ALSO... mentioned you  have a soy milk maker and its the best kind?--please tell me the name brand of it and where you got it--im in british columbia so probly won't be the same places around or anything

but it may be something i would be interested in buying as soymilk is soooooooooooooo stinken expensive and i think,  goes way faster than milk EVER  did for me when i used to drink it

thanx so much  guys, this is a  fantabulous site!!!


ummm i tried maken almond milk in the vitamix...left A LOT of foamy stuff behind in the strainer and the  'milk' tasted kinda funny

--i put it in the fridge for the next was already starting to sour, which i found wierd, i  used it anyway in my pancake batter--which by the way was wonderful because i haven't had  pancakes in a very long time because i can't have flour so i tried spelt flour and it seems to be easier for my tummy to digest :)

soooooooo i guess i gonna check into a soymilk maker(leave it to the  professionals hahah)

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