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Sugar-Free Dessert Recipes?

I'm in search of some truely sugar-free veg*an desserts.  They can be vegetarian or vegan, but vegan is preferred.  I am hoping to find ones that are also free of things like xylitol and stevia.  Not because I believe they are bad for you, in fact I use xylitol in my tooth powder and love that it has anti-plaque properties.  However, I'm trying to find recipes that (if sweetened at all) are sweetened with things like fruit purees.  Let me know if you can think of anything <3 Thanks!

What about some raw recipes? They often use sugar alternatives like agave, maple syrup, fruit purees, etc. Check VegWeb's raw dessert section for some great ideas! Also, you can always sub fruit purees for sugar, there's lots of good conversion resources online! I found this one:

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