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Suggestions for 3 little "mini" savory tartlettes needed -- quiche-like and more

Hi Everyone,

I'm hosting a cookie baking party next weekend and I'll be serving a light lunch to three omni women.  I thought I would bake ahead and warm up some little mini quiches.  But then I thought, Schmige, you can be more creative.  But actually I'm stuck...

What else can I make to serve as a variety platter alongside the mini quiches? It has to stand on it's own so it can grabbed off the plate.  Well, grab-able doesn't mean that it's finger food. Rather I mean it should all hold together for a nice presentation and individual serving.  But other than that, I'm open to suggestions.  I would love 3-4 different types of things because I know one of the women is a picky eater.


For something besides regular vegan quiche, you could try this chickpea tart, done as mini tarts.  I've been meaning to try this recipe.  It looks really tasty.


Oh wow!  That looks fantastic!  Definitely going to make the list.  And the best part -- left-overs stay in my freezer!


I love to wrap stuff in phyllo for fancy tidbits. Sauteed mushrooms with herbs or spanakopita-type spinach filling is yummy. Folding up the traditional little triangles can be tedious, so I sometimes roll them in little burrito shapes. They probably could be made ahead and baked at the last minute.

Crostini are good, topped with a pureed white bean & rosemary spread and a little slice of olive.

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