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Sweet Potato Pancakes?

There is *no* sweet potato pancake recipe anywhere here! Has anyone veganized one or shall I experiment? Does anyone have a nonvegan one they enjoy(d)?

Do you mean like a latke sort of thing? If so, I could swear one of my cookbooks has something like that. Let me know if that's what you're looking for.


A sweet potato pancake is yes, much like a 'normal' breakfast pancake as opposed to a latke. :) I will post if I come up with something then!


Here's a link, but I haven't tried the recipe:


I am not having any luck with the search box right now, but here's the sweet potato latke recipe as I got it from this very site:

Geoff's Vegan Sweet Potato Latkes
Ingredients (use vegan versions):
• 2 large sweet potatoes (yams)
• 1 large sweet onion
• 1 teaspoon baking powder
• 3 tablespoon flour
• 3 flax eggs*
• salt and pepper to taste (approx. 1/2 teaspoon salt)
• 1/3 cup of whole flax seeds
• 1 cup of water
Using a mandolin or wide vegan cheese grater, grate the sweet potatoes and large onion into a bowl.
Add baking powder, flour, flax eggs, salt and pepper and stir/mix very well. Cover a pan with a thin layer of oil. Form 'cookie' size pancakes, and fry them up.
** Flax Eggs (from How it All Vegan) 1/3 cup of whole flax seeds 1 cup of water
In a food processor or blender, grind the flax seeds until they are a fine flax meal. Slowly add the water until the mixture has a thick milk shake like consistency. 3 tablespoon = 1 Egg. Mix makes a total of 6 egg equivalents. Keeps 3-6 days in fridge.
Serves: 15 latkes
Preparation time: 20 minutes

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