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Syrups for making fondant - what's your experience?

I have no experience making fondant. I want to use the petit fours recipe from VeganYumYum's site, which calls for poured fondant. I've never liked fondant, but it does make a pretty covering for the tiny cakes. Can I substituted rice or coconut syrup for the corn syrup? Has anyone tried that? I just don't like the taste of corn syrup.

This is the recipe:

FYI, I made the cake part and it's lovely but I couldn't slice it neatly into two layers. It ended up looking better with two layers of cake and one layer of jam in between. Maybe my jelly roll pan is too shallow, or maybe I should have made some high altitude modification (5600 feet), or maybe I just have no skills.

Another question: has anyone successfully shipped petit fours or other cakey things? I want to send some to my friends and family.

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