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Taro Smoothie

Anyone have a taro smoothie recipe?  I bought some fresh roots at the farmer's market today, thinking that I would easily find a recipe online.  This was not the case.  I see a lot of recipes for bubble tea with taro, but nothing for a smoothie. 

I've never made one.  I'd expect it'd be like smoothies in general.  Put in what you like, or what is usually paired with taro.  ???


i think most of the taro smoothies are made using a powder base (that usually contains dairy), and that base is sold in some Asian groceries, so that probably explains why there are few recipes online (i looked once, too).
I'd say just steam some of the taro and blend it in, and adjust to taste. Also, it's probably not going to turn out very purple, but eh.
Let us know how it works - I've wanted to make taro smoothies at home too :)

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