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Tofu Freezing Question!

Hello!  I've been vegan for... um... three days.  I'd call myself more of a lax Vegetarian converting to Veganism.  The Vegan diet is going great, and I am frustrated that my appetite isn't big enough to eat fifteen meals a day...  I have so many great ideas!

My question is about freezing tofu.  I've tried a couple brands of tofu, and my favorite is in a green package with the air sucked out.  It was in the refrigerator section...

Now.  This tofu comes pre-cut in blocks of four.  Of those blocks, 1/3 will make a comfortable meal for me (along with my carbs and veggies :D)

I've only tried this tofu pressed, not frozen.  I have a block in the freezer, which I'm going to put in the frigde to thaw and try tomorrow, and I assume I'm going to like it.

Now, each package of tofu will make 12 meals, and I don't want the tofu to spoil.


Does the length of time tofu is frozen affect it at all?  Would I be able to just huck all the tofu in the freezer without worry?  I hate to waste food.


I usually use the 16oz package of tofu (extra-firm) and keep a few blocks in the freezer at all times (we eat a LOT of tofu!).

Sometimes I like the frozen/thawed tofu, sometimes just right out of the package, as the frozen/thawed is sometimes a bit dry for some recipes.

It's just me and my BF and we usually can eat the whole 16oz block in a meal especially for baked slices of tofu served with gravy (mmmm....).

I'll usually date the package, put in freezer, and make sure I use it within 3 months.  Not sure if that's the limit or not, just what I go by.  :)



I just sliced up tofu into single portions, and hucked it in the freezer.  I tasted some that I thawed in the microwave, and it was good! 

I'll try to stay with the three month mark, since you know that nothing will be wrong with the tofu in that time.  Thankyou!


oh! I had NO idea you could put blocks of tofu in the freezer! I'll go straight to the asian market tomorrow and buy a one-year supply!!
thanks for the useful info!!

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