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Tofu Loaf (fail)

Goodmorning Vegheads!!  :)>>>

SO last weekend I tried a recipe (from La Dolce Vegan pg 154) which excited me with it's simple yet fancy ways.
It was for a TOFU LOAF.

SO I made it...and it failed. It was goopy (yes I DRAINED the tofu) and tasted awful.
I'm wondering if anybody's got some good tofu loaf recipes kicking around. During the winter times I'm really into making casseroles and creations to bake in the oven which are low matience in terms of prep work and ingredients.


I had pretty bad luck with that recipe too. One recipe I do like is the hippy loaf from Happy Herbivore. It isn't a tofu loaf, but it is a veggie loaf with ingredients that most everyone has on hand (veggies, beans, grains, et cetera...). Give it a shot...I liked it :)


This is my favorite:

Read some reviews to get ideas on how to make it hold together better.

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