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?Travel Snack Ideas?

I'm taking a child on a trip and need some portable snack ideas for both of us.  I've thought nuts, PB and crackers, fruit, veggies...
Do you have some favorites that have worked well for you?  Any recipe favorites that meet this description? Thanks

I hadn't thought of dried fruit for some reason.  My daughter is twelve so not a little person and we will be gone a couple of days without access to refridgeration. Thanks.


I make what I call Nut Balls ::). They are basically dried apricots cut up, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, cashews, almonds and some nut butter to hold them together. You can use any dried fruit or nuts and seeds. Make the mixture into little balls. I reall don't measure, just put enough nut butter to hold it together. It is very very very yummy with hemp hearts in it too! Soooo good for you too! :D


I've been trying out the different things in my grocery's tofu section, and one thing I love is Pete's brand Tofu2Go.

They have dessert tofu in seperate serving sized cartons, and some of them come with their own spoons!  If you live in a bigger city, you probably have more choices than me, but I would check out that area of the store to see what other portable vegan goodies there are.

I would also premake something like kebabs, especially ones that taste good cold.  Veggies and tofu on a stick are easy for a driving mommy to eat!

I save the pulp from my juicer and make fruit leather with my dehydrator.

Other than that I can recommend that you bring a bunch of good cd's or tapes, and a bunch of waterbottles.  What we do is freeze a couple waterbottles, and keep a couple in the fridge.  The frozen ones go at the bottom of a cooler to help keep it cold, and they're usually melted by the time the fridge ones are done.

I hope you guys have a great trip!


I just went on a trip myself recently, and I went through the same thing trying to figure out what to bring. Here's what I ended up with:
-vegan jerky (a good satisfying snack-mine has lots of protein...added bonus)
-shelf-stable hummus dip (it needs to be refrigerated after opening...but if you eat it all, then no worries :) )
-crackers and cut-up veggies to go with hummus dip
-a few protein/snack bars
-snackimal animal crackers

I think that's it. But like someone pointed out...dried fruits, nuts, things like that would also be great. Maybe single serve boxes of soymilk or ricemilk also would be nice.

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