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Truly vegan jam recepie

Hi Everyone


I seem to be having trouble finding a truly vegan jam recepie. They seem to contain honey, white sugar or gelatin.


Can anyone point me in the right direcdtion? Something that uses brown sugar or a syup instead? Something that uses pectin and not gelatin?


Its farmer's market season and I want to get on the jarring!





*I've reposted this in this section as a commentor pointed me in the right direction! 

I've never seen a jam recipe that used gelatin. I would recommend using the recipes that come with the kind of pectin you have since each one works differently. In the US the two common brands are Ball and Sure-Jell and if you go to a health food type store they should have Pomona's Pectin.

You can get white sugar that isn't filtered with bone char like Florida Crystals or beet sugar. Otherwise look at the pectin recipes for what they recommend for other sweeteners.


If you want a natural source of added pectin, do what English marmalade makers do: put lemon, grapefruit, orange and/or apple peels (or any combination thereof) in cheesecloth, tie it up in a "bag" and simmer it with your fruit. Take it out when the fruit is done and the "recycled" peels are soft, and squeeze the bag HARD (you could put it in strainer and press down with a wooden spoon, or similar). Pour the resulting "juice" into your jam and cook until ready to jar.


FYI, brown sugar has just as much potential to be un-vegan as white sugar, since it's just white sugar with some molasses added back in.

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