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Valentines Day dinner ideas....?

Instead of going out for V day this year and participating in the "couples-romance-night-out of-the year", I was thinking I would cook for my husband and I, and stay at home....Does anyone have any good recipes or recommendations?  He is a part-time veggie,(he only eats meat outside of our home as I no longer cook it for him) so anything that is not too weird would be good...I have been looking, and there is SOO much to choose from, howe'ver, it has to be approachable for an omnivore also; he will not eat alot of grainy-veggie-combos unfortunately.  I'm just being a little bit lazy, and looking for ideas instead of searching anymore!  I have the chocolate part covered BTW...DESSERT, I mean!! ;)   

I guess it all depends on what you know he likes.  I am not sure what a "grainy-veggie-combo" is unfortunately.

My husband loves white cheesy sauces.  So I make a white 'bacon' spaghetti, seitan(ic) mushroom stroganoff or smashed cauliflower.  We love mushrooms and garlic so it works well for both of us.  Also the best thing about seitan in roast form is that you should make it the day (or more) prior to using it.

I can post or link recipes if any of those sound good.


Have you checked out this month's Vegetarian Times? They have an entire section about cooking at home for Valentine's Day. I kind of remember that a lot of the recipes were vegetarian and not vegan, but I bet you could get some good ideas!


Hmm... maybe this can be to any help?


          Good Luck!

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