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Vegan Bakery in NYC?

I am headed to NYC for the weekend and I am going to bring some baked goods back for friends.  Two of them are vegan, so I was wondering if any of you knew any good vegan bakeries so I could bring them back some stuff as well.  Thanks

DO NOT go to Whole Earth Bakery on St. Mark's Place.  Seriously.  Their stuff is dense, flavorless and, in a word, vile.  I've never had anything good from there, and I keep trying!

You can find some good stuff in the bakery section of Life Thyme natural food market (there are a few, my favorite is downtown on 6th ave but the uptown one apparently has a bigger bakery section).

Also recently opened is a place called "Babycakes" down by Delancey Street that is supposed to be really yummy, and it's 100% vegan AND gluten free.

Good luck and enjoy NY!

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