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Vegan to go - with kids

I am a momma of a 5 and 7 year old.  We live in a rural area and have to travel a minimum of 35 miles to go to a store. nearest health food store is 85 miles from our home.  Trips to the city are difficult at times.  It is really hard to find any vegan food options along the way between home and the city.

Recently, I found on Pinterest an idea of placing nut butter in the bottom of a recycled jar or container, then add celery sticks.  While I love this, it doesn't always go over well with the kids.  We don't use packaged foods due to my own health issues.  I am wondering if anyone has tried and true ideas for portable foods that we can pack up and carry with us when away from home.



Instead of the celery, you can use apples. Cut them in sticks. Or carrotts (my kids love them!). Grapes would probably be good, they're not messy. But if they fall, you might never find it! Lol

I'll try to think of more. I need to start figuring out what are some travel friendly foods as well. :)


You can find a variety of recipes for energy balls on line.  My kids love the lime coconut peanut butter balls but you can easily sub ingredients with any of these.  I usually add some flax and chia seeds too. You can make them in bulk, keep them in the freezer then pull out what you want for the trip.  I also make green smoothies and freeze them so they stay cold for the day.


We are in the car a lot! We live out of town, too. My daughter eats granola bars, nuts, muffins, crackers, fruit (fresh or dried), sandwiches (nut butter and jam travels well), she likes waffle sandwiches, too-waffles with jelly.

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