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vegan hurricane kit?

First I am not sure if this is the right place to post this or not.

I just moved to Texas and well I know that there is hurricane season around here in the coastal areas. I was curious where to even start in regards to food items for myself to get a hurricane kit ready. Any suggestions would be great because I am at a loss here

i live in miami, so you'd think i'd have a hurricane kit. but i dont. but i think just any canned food would be good for it. lots of water too. i have a flashlight that you crank instead of using batteries, which is good because you never know how long you're  gonna be out of power for. my mom has always said to have a radio handy to listen to weather reports. thats all i can think of.


cans o beans. cans of boiled peanuts. cans of soup/dry soup mixes. powdered milk (maybe? just to spice things up). water. radio. lanterns. candles. a small grill. canned fruit. nuts/dried fruit with a decent shelf life. cooler. small/old soda/water bottles frozen in the back of your freezer to put in a cooler incase power goes out and getting ice would be out of the question.

Kind of just listing things. I know in the past we've had a little propane torch thing and used it as a grill and warming up soups things in a pan over it. I've never actually had to rely on a hurricane kit or anything except for that one time when we didn't have power for a week and everyone went crazy and bought everything in stores. One other thing is a good/long extension cord. I remember a few times we've had our power out and people behind us have power so we would run a cord so that we could have something plugged in incase radio batteries died or it was really hot so we wanted a fan.

If you do get a kit started with food I'd check expiration dates when hiding stuff away in a storage box or something to keep everything together. And write a date on it a month before the first thing expires on the outside/on tape stuck to the box so that you remember to check through it and don't waste any food. I know at times we have shoved things to the back of the pantry and found them years later. It's kind of scary when you have basic canned goods that have been expired for years. Hah.


I live in Florida where we've had a few hurricanes, but have been lucky so far.  My kit is basically a loaf of bread and peanut butter and jelly (but come to think of it how would I keep the jelly?).  I've been thinking about getting this book here, the recipes are by the prolific Robin Robertson, but the book is written by her husband..........


It really all depends on what you're willing to "suffer" through.  I'm a spoiled sissy so I have a rather substantial hurricane "kit".  Re. gas burners, the butane gas burners are actually relatively cheap.  I paid around $20.00 for mine at an Asian market.  If you're a coffee drinker make sure you have a coffee press.  I'd die without my coffee.


I live about a hour away from the coast but the area where I live is known to have power outages from storms. It can take up to 2 weeks for the power to go back on.

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