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Vegan meal to impress carnivores?

Hey y'all - I've been lurking on VegWeb for a while, but no longer!  Next week I'm going to be hosting a dinner party for 10 or 15 people, and I need some ideas for a vegan meal that would ensure the carnivores don't miss their meat.  As a poor college student, something on the lower end of the cost scale would be wonderful.


Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is in the wrong subforum!

Make this for dessert, It's super easy and every time I've given it to a meat eater they smash it.

How about some seitan?


spaghetti and "meat" sauce with garlic bread
pizza with veggie pepperoni
broccoli and garlic sauce with seitan served over white rice
vegan chili with seitan and cornbread
gyros with seitan and tsatsiki sauce

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