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Vegan Road Trip & Family Reunion Help Me Please

This upcoming Friday , Saturday and Sunday I am traveling from Houston to Lawton , Oklahoma for a family reunion. I don't really know what to bring with me to eat at the Family Reunion since most of my famliy at the reunion are meat eaters and use alots of milk products in there food.

I am really at a lose here because I haven't been on a 8 hour drive to Oklahoma since I was vegetarian and now that I am vegan I am freaking out because I don't know what I am going to be eating. My family wants to avoid anything with garlic in it since it makes your breahte smell bad. I need ideas for two breakfasts , three lunchs and two dinners. 

All I have got so far is my black bean jalepeno hummus w/ rice crackers, two banana's and single serving size dark chocolate almond milk. So as you can see I need help please.

For breakfast you can do oatmeal or cold cereal. If you bake, make some muffins or sweet bread to take along.

For lunches and dinner, maybe kabobs with veggies (marinate in oil and vinegar salad dressing to make it easy), wraps (hummus with veggies), baked beans. Take salad toppings and dressings you like. Stores will have produce and a lot carry some vegan basics like soymilk.

For the trip, cut veggie and crackers work great with the hummus. Also check to see if any vegan fast food can be found along the ways. Taco Bell (bean burrito no cheese) and Subway (veggie sandwich) can work in a pinch.

Do you need dishes to share or just food to help feed yourself?


@baypuppy the dishes would just be for me


Hi there, I live in Norman, OK. There is a WONDERFUL (WONDERFUL!), raw, vegan restaurant in Oklahoma City. It is on the pricey side, so we tend to do breakfast over dinner there. I know it is not all that close to Lawton, but might be worth the drive to OKC. Good luck!


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