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vegan snack recipe anyone?? I am trying to lose weight here :)

Hi guys

Do you guys have any suggestions for high protein low calorie snack?? I need some dry snack which I can pack and take to school with me. Till date roasted chickpeas recipe seem to work perfect for me as they are dry. I can pack them in ziploc and they provide me with protein with no sugar and low fat. But I am getting bored with it.  Most of bars recipes here use lot of sugar ( in form of molasses or other unprocessed sugars) or fat ( margarine etc ) or they are fut of nuts and dried fruits which I tend to avoid in snack. I usually eat my daily  serving of nuts/seeds in breakfast with oatmeal :)
So you can understand why I am not able to find one perfect recipe which could incorporate all above

Please guys any suggestions will be welcomed. Thanks a lot

Try going to the fat free vegan website (sorry but I don't know how to insert links) there is a link from the links section of this site. They have lots of yummy stuf which is low fat and / or fat free.


I haven't looked at all the recipes properly but it seems most of them are roasted chickpeas under different names and just uses different spices.


what about a miniwrap with hummus? when i saw your thing i thought "chickpea snacks!" and was amused to see you were tired of them! how about trying to make like homemade tofu or seitan "jerky"?


Where can I get recipe for seitan "jerky". Sounds like tough one  ;)


its its not high protein but i suggest cut up veggies and hummus or babagonush. very filling.

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