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Veggie in a small town... eep!

Hey all!  I'm from a small town in Canada, and I have a hard time finding variety in the protien replacement category here.  Can anyone suggest larger brandnames of products that I could look for, or that I could reccommend to my local health food stores to keep in mind?  Thanks!

I'm from Vancouver and have had no trouble finding any veggie products mentioned on this site. Then again, I live in a city and you live in a small town. I used to live in a smaller city (pop. 30,000) and was able to find quite a few products at Safeway, Superstore, etc. Yves is a Canadian brand and I have seen it everywhere. I can usually find Boca, Sunrise tofu, Lightlife (Smart), Tofurkey, Veggie Patch (patties) and some local organic brands (like Soya Nova) at the supermarket. At the health food store, there are more varieties of boxed/dry mixes. Fantastic foods makes several good dry mixes that you add tofu or water to. I have also found that they usually carry more specialty iterms. For instance, Choices Market carries Gimme Lean sausage and beef, but my grocery store only carries Smart Dogs and patties.

I have NOT been able to find Follow Your Heart vegan cheese,                Nate's veggie meatballs, or White Wave brand tofu.

By the way, where do you live?



Thanks veggievulture!

Any info is good info... I'm in North Bay... it's not too small, but there definately aren't a lot of specialty stores.  Thanks again!


Hey VV... It's a small world.. :o I'm in Vancouver also... I live in North Van but I work downtown about 2 blocks from the Robson 'Capers'. Where 'bouts are you? 

Thank goodness it's sunny today!! All this rain is just about driving me bonkers.  Of course I'm at work today and the kids are home (well hopefully at the park) with the nanny!!



I live near City Hall in Vancouver and work at Granville Island. Nice to meet you! The weather has been beautiful lately--this is the Vancouver that I love!


I love Yves products but they are not readily available in my area unless you special order them. Their Chick'n patty is great & I think they make the best tofu dogs.They also make the best veggie baloney. I lived on baloney sandwiches when I was a kid. That & Hostess cupcakes.  :o

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