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Hi!  I'm new vhere, and new to veganism. Just wondering people's opinions on the best/practical juicer.


Thanks for your thoughts!

Someone wrote a response on the lean/mean vegan machine thread about her vitamix and how she uses it in juicing.

I don't juice but I do use my Vitamix to make smoothies and as an all around blender.  It is a great blender--I have had it for many years--and I love that it comes with a 7 year warranty.  If you were to use Vitamix for juicing, it would not be technically "juicing" but pureeing the whole fruit/veggie to smithereens, which strikes me as a lot better for you.






If you are  asking about a juicer, a Vitamix is not the machine for you.  A Vitamix is a blender.  The difference between juicing and blending is great.  Juicing extracts the juice from the fiberous produce and is much easier and quicker for your body to absorb.  Blending keeps the fiber and thus the benefits remain of having the whole food in your diet.  They are both valuable additions to a healthy diet, but just have different benefits.  As for a good juicer, look at the differences between the masticating and centrifugal types of juicers.  Both have good points.  Purests like the masticating type for its low speed and larger juice extracting ability. In that catagory, the Omega is a trusted model.  As for the centrifugal type, the Breville Ikon is top rated.  Both are similarly priced. I hope this has been helpful.  Enjoy!  

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