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VWAV peanut butter cookies

This recipe was the first I made from the book, mainly because I had an unopened jar of peanut butter sitting around for 2 weeks and decided to finally use it. I dont know what happened with this recipe but my cookies just wouldnt finish cooking. They would not really brown on the top, it would stay mushy, sticky, and soft like peanut butter, though the bottoms cooked nicely. It was just the very top that wouldnt finish. For the second batch I adjusted the oven shelves and put them up higher but it didnt help :( I followed the recipe exactly. They were good just definitely not the crispy peanut butter cookies promised. Also, they dont seem to ever go stale o_O which would be a plus, if they cooked right!!

Has anyone else had this problem? And then found a way to correct it? I have a feeling my oven's temperatures were being wacky and just messed with the actual baking..

I haven't made the peanut butter cookies, but your post reminded me that I had read somewhere that other people had the same problems.  Over at the Post Punk Kitchen, there is a VWAV discussion board, and there are several threads about the peanut butter cookies.  Here is one:

Not sure if it has any remedies for you, but at least there are others with the same problems :-)



Thanks hopfrog, some of those comments definitely sound familiar. No one seemed to have solutions for each other so I'll probably just keep looking for another peanut butter cookie recipe elsewhere, like, HERE, where I should've looked in the first place. ::) I feel better knowing it wasnt just my oven. Thank you though :)


Do you have a thermometre?  In baking, even small differences can make an impact on your cookies!  If you haven't, I suggest you grab a thermometre from the store and figure out the innacuracy of your oven.  With my old oven, depending on how high it is, I have to adjust the temperature anywhere from 50 - 150 degrees!


yes we do, and our oven is usually off by anywhere between 75 to a hundred degrees, and we've been dealing with it for over a year ::) we've figured out how to judge it and usually end up preheating for quite a bit of time to make sure. but it seems like its getting worse, i could've sworn it was changing temperatures all over the place during baking even after preheating for 45 minutes.. yes that long lol. i think its time for a new oven :P


I think we need a new oven too.  I tried making muffins, and even though the oven was at the temperature it should be at to be the right temperature, the muffins didn't turn out as well as I thought they should...  Two different recipes leads me to believe that I need to find the oven thermometre again and re-calibrate.  *rolls eyes*

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